Mending Matters (A Grannies and Rows Book Review)

Mending Matters

This week, I sat down and read Mending Matters, a book that I’ve had on my list for a very long time. I missed the boat when this book hit the crafting and intentional fashion world by storm in 2018. I’m glad I had a chance to read it now. (Plug for local libraries who offer e-book and audiobook reserving features. We love you!)

Mending Matters by Katrina Rodabaugh offers much more than instructions on how to mend. She also presents a treatise on WHY we should mend. (And bonus points: it doesn’t come across as sanctimonious or holier than thou.) Mending provides a method of frugality and also allows for ethical considerations of those around the world burdened with the weight of commercial fashion production. Mending also is a therapeutic and quieting activity, allowing for contemplation.

I have soon-to-be-five children. I strive to mend all of their clothes, but to be honest, my mending pile is more intimidating than the fires of Mount Doom right now. (Probably too much Christmas crocheting and not enough Actual Work.) One of my boys alone has about five pairs of ripped jeans. I’ve been procrastinating on mending his jeans, because he’s *just about* into another size, and then I’ll have time before the next boy grows into them.

A few years ago, back when the holes and jeans for the boys were so much smaller.

But after reading this short book about slow fashion and tips and projects about how I could mend better and more efficiently (even fashionably), I fully intend to conquer my own Mount Doom. Wish me luck!

The girl has plenty of mending to be done as well. She recently wore a brand-new dress, and a seam ripped within three hours.