Colour My World: Brown

My favorite colour was brown for a few years, until orange burst on the scene. But I’ve been thinking about doing a little colour play with brown. Here are a few bits from recently.

What I like best about brown is how it hides its beauty. Your eye is drawn to the objects with the brighter, flashier colours, and you really have to LOOK to see the browns. Nature’s own form of modest beauty.

And brown brings with it so many thoughts and memories. Flavors of cinnamon, chocolate, coffee, ginger. The smell of fresh dirt and spring. What does brown mean to you? What memories does it evoke for you?

Fresh bread baking?

Dirty toes?

Your grandma’s old shag carpet or 1970s wallpaper?

That fancy swirled design on your cup of coffee in a touristy spot?

The mud on your uncle’s boots as he came through the door?

The tree stump you sat on and watched the river go by while you wrote beatnik poetry?

Brown has such potency. It’s everywhere, but we need to open our eyes to be able to see it.