A Quick Little Chair Cover

A couple of months after we arrived, a friend gave us two armchairs for free. The vinyl had scraped off in multiple areas. Not one to say no to free furniture (and probably an incurable optimist when it comes to “potential” and rehabbing things,) I just could not let these chairs go.

Funnily enough, I just saw a group of six of these exact same chairs with scraped off vinyl going for free on our local “freecycle” kind of Facebook group. So with the damage being consistent with eight or more of the same make and model of chair, I think it was just poorly manufactured.

I have great plans to recover them, one with a navy fabric and one with a floral with pops of navy blue because I deeply miss having the floral accent chair that I recovered so long ago. Unfortunately, the kids keep on picking more vinyl off, so I covered them with some free Sesame Street duvet covers that we were given. (Free fabric must have its use.) And that made it worse. Ha ha ha!

A couple of weeks ago, I got a package with some surprise yarn in it. I adored the colors. I began playing around and decided to make a mini chair cover/lap blanket for one of the chairs. I finished it up last week and temporarily pinned it into place. This summer, I will recover the other chair first, which means ripping it apart to come up with the pattern. At least this one will look presentable in the meantime.

chair cover
It looks a little 70s, but that’s okay. This is the kids’ playing porch and our greenhouse/extra conversation area, so it’s perfectly appropriate.
chair cover using crocheted blanket
Woops. Photobombing child. It’s so difficult to get photos without any of them in it.

Also, of note, I had multiple windows open much of the day.

These spices I got in the mail this week echoed the colors I was using in the chair cover.

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