A Quieter Day, Filled With Plans

And now come the quieter and steadier posts after the fun and flurry of “publishing” two patterns on Ravelry. It’s not really something I thought I’d ever do, and I know that I’ll eventually get better. I’m much more of a do it and don’t talk too much about how it happens kind of girl. But I’ll improve.

I have this golden blanket for little baby still to work on. It’s been almost two months since I picked it up and forgot what stitch I was working on completely. Fortunately, I managed to find it in my phone documents. In case you’re interested, it’s the Caron Crochet Textured Lap Blanket, although I’ve altered the dimensions a bit and will probably alter the edging as well. It’s fairly easy, once you remember that you are not—in fact–doing a “wheat stitch” as you googled frantically for half an hour.

After I finish that blanket, I think I’m going to get started on some knit sweaters (or jumpers if you’re European) for the kids for next Christmas…because I have five kids to somehow make presents for. Last year, I managed to snag matching jammies and cardigans on a clearance website after Christmas, where each garment ended up only being $3. This year, I’m trying to focus a little more on ethical fashion purchasing (mostly making my own or mending/reworking what we’ve got.) Kids’ clothes are very expensive here in Europe, and I’ve yet to find some good secondhand shops.

For baby’s Christmas sweater, I found a Norwegian pattern that I have just the perfect amount of Malabrigo Arroyo for. I’ve got it in two different colors from several years ago. I think I purchased it off of Etsy at the time, so who knows how old it is? In any case, all of my current boys outgrew the amount I had at a rapid pace, so I intend to get this sweater done first—probably while I’m in the hospital, and knowing how tall my babies tend to be, I’ll do an 18-month size for when he’ll be 11 months old.

I may decide to work on a flower bunting my little girl has requested, although I think I need to space it out and work on some other projects first. She’s had a blanket and a doll blanket lately, and the boys–despite having some new scarves–are starting to get a little jealous.

I also have some sewing I need to accomplish. I’ve got a bunch of lovely vintage sheets that I intend to turn into cloth napkins, as all of our cloth napkins somehow disappeared in our international move. I’m going to double that as a sewing lesson for one of the boys who seems more interested in sewing than other handicrafts.

Three of the kids drew tulips as part of their art instruction this week, so I’ve got them hanging up to remind me of Spring.

Meanwhile, it is starting to feel like Minnesotan spring. I don’t know that I’ll ever get used to the seasons here. I’m used to such extremes, and these mild sunny/rainy/not really genuinely cold enough for winter coats days are confusing to my mind. I imagine my neighbors think we’re all odd, as we’re often outside without our coats on or running around barefoot when it’s 40 degrees Fahrenheit (4.5 degrees Celcius, for those of you who are fully enmeshed in Celsius living.) But what they don’t understand is that 40 is beautiful. 40 is when you throw the windows open and feel the fresh air after months of below zero temperatures that stifle you.

I organized all of my crochet hooks and knitting needles and found that I need to replace a lot of my circular knitting needles, as they were damaged during our move.

I’ve also been finalizing plans for our gardens because we need to start our plants at the end of next month. So far, the only seeds I’m missing are celery and some sweet potato starters. Probably some more bee-attracting flowers, because I’d like a highly successful garden. Wish me luck!

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