In New Places, Finding Beauty

We now live in a different country. We’re not in a permanent place, by far, but we’re striving to find beauty and joy in some unlikely spots.

I feel a bit out of the water, because we don’t have our earthly trappings, and I don’t have any yarn to comfort me. But I’ve been able to make my minute world more beautiful in small ways. I think that’s one of the wonderful things about being a Christian. By believing in a Creative God, we can find hope, even during times of uncertainty or grief. And by seeking and reveling in the beauty around us, we are reminded of His grander purpose and the overarching story of creation. The same God who created rhubarb and bees, thought the world needed one of me. And one of you.

Moving away from family has not been a pain-free experience, and our family feels the ache of grief. We’re still working with the kids daily on handling expectations and emotions well. Most days I fail. And I pray that God’s grace will overshadow my failures.

As we don’t yet have an address or a vehicle, I’ve not been able to procure any yarn to work with during this time. Because of that, I’ve been more diligent in seeking color and beauty around me as I go to language school or in my walks to get groceries. There is a yarn store a couple miles away, and I intend to walk there in the next week or so just to pick up a skein or two.

I’ve been reading a lot of poetry on the metro on the way to French school. In the mornings, I teach the children; in the afternoons I speak in French. It creates a very muddled brain, and I’ve been finding I have been making a lot of spelling and grammatical errors already. Please forgive me over the next few weeks as I will likely stumble and bumble my way around this space. The fog will eventually clear, and my grammatical comprehension will return, or so I’ve heard.

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