A Birthing of Sorts

Many times the written word is birthed out of times of complexity or change. Usually, an author will hope to effect a change in the world. And I suppose both of those are true in this instance. I’m in a period of great complexity and change, personally. And I do hope to change the world by bringing beauty to the forefront in my little corner.

People question me repeatedly, genuinely wondering why I put effort into things.

Why garden? Why crochet? Why knit socks when you could buy six pairs for the same price instantaneously? Why would you squeeze your own lemons for lemon juice?

I guess those are questions worth answering. And here’s my simple answer.

Because it’s good and lovely. And goodness and loveliness are worth the extra effort.

One of my children’s favorite books is Miss Rumphius by the talented Barbara Cooney. In it, a grandfather instructs a child to make her world a more beautiful place. She wonders how she could do that. Is it possible? The book follows her as she ages and, yes, as she makes her world more beautiful.

This blog is part of my battle cry for beauty, truth, and goodness. In this world, evil, ugliness, terror and anxiety bombard us daily. Gentility and civility are so far absent. But it was not meant to be so. And if, by flinging words into a corner of the internet, I can make it a bit more beautiful, then I’ll do so.

Join me.

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